Need Information About Indian Wedding?

Weddings are the moment when all family members gather together to enjoy bride and grooms wedding function. Wedding functions are the happiest moment when all the members enjoy every function with full on entertainment. When it comes to traditional Indian wedding, there are many rituals and ceremonies which are held in the wedding functions. An authentic Indian wedding is known for the greatness and fun loving the atmosphere.
Planning an Indian wedding require too many efforts so that every ceremony should hold in a proper manner. There are many family and authentic functions which are held during the time of marriage from both bride and groom side.
Ceremonies held before the marriage: Indian marriages have many authentic functions from the starting days of ceremonies. During the functions, the family members perform a different type of cultural programmes which consist of dancing, singing and many more which make the ceremony more memorable one. Some functions are very traditional one like:
• Engagement ceremony: Engagement ceremony is most memorable part before marriage in which bride and groom exchange their rings with each other and takes blessings from their parents and other relatives. Click here to see top wedding photographer in Melbourne.
• Haldi function: Haldi ceremony is the most common ceremony which takes place before 2 or 3 days of the marriage. During this ceremony, the Haldi paste is made with curd, sandalwood powder, rose water and gram flour. This paste is applied on the face, hand, legs and feet of the bride and groom. Applying the Haldi paste before marriage makes the skin colour more glowing and beautiful one and make the bride and groom more attractive.
• Mehndi ceremony: this ceremony is a most special ceremony for both bride and groom in which their hands and legs are designed with the special type of mehndi designs. Professional artist designs or decorates the hands of the bride and groom.In Indian culture, it is a trend that the name of the groom is written in the hands of the bride and during their wedding night groom has to find his name on the hands of the bride.
• Var mala ceremony: during the final day of wedding the bride and groom both are beautifully dressed up with bright colours and flowers. They exchange the floral garland that is known as Jayamala. After all rituals, the awesome wedding photographer takes their photos in special style and poses.
• Reception ceremony: Indian wedding is incomplete without the reception ceremony. It is the charm of ceremony where different types of dishes, drinks and variety of food is prepared on this ceremony.• Mandap ceremony: After all the ceremony finally the mandap ceremony is done where bride and groom finally get married to all Hindu cultural rituals. After which the bride goes to the groom’s house which is known as Bidai.