Internal Communication Within The Corporation

The aim of most corporations today is to expand and compete on the world scale. With such big goals to work towards communication both in the internal and external environments of the corporation are an important aspect of achieving this long term goal.
Gone are the days when corporations focused on communicating mostly with only their stakeholders now every member of the corporation is included as corporations are realising more and more that keeping everyone informed is the fastest way to getting people working towards a common goal by using corporate video. Thus great communication channels both within the corporation and outside will go a long way in attracting the type of investors you want for your corporation leading to long term growth in the long run.
There are many ways for corporations to communicate with their staff and stakeholders. This communication is vital to the success of any corporations as without people knowing where they are going, how to get there and what is expected of them for those goals to be achieved, the chances of that corporation becoming a success is limited.
Thus that is where communication comes in and that is why it is so vital. In the past annual reports were the main means of doing this however today different channels are being employed to get the message across such as newsletters, corporate video, company brochures as well as those old methods that have continued to work till today. It all depends on who the intended target audience is as some methods are better suited for internal communication than others just as some methods are better suited for external communication than others.
When focusing on internal communication within the corporation selecting the best channel will most probably be depended on the aim of the message. For general notices about office parties and company award winners a newsletter or a simple e-mail will suffice as such messages are often brief and to the point. For more complex issues such as staff trainings corporate video might be more appropriate.
This is mainly because the human brain gets tired very quickly and very easily thus moving pictures, sound and an interactive person facilitating the whole experience might work better as anything else might not have the desired outcomes in the long run. Thus know what you need to achieve with each communication initiative and plan your communication campaign accordingly, as failure to do so might result in your corporation losing a lot of money unnecessarily.