Document The Big Day

Every bride knows how much she puts in to the planning and preparation that goes in to the day that she says “I do”. Regardless of what type of marriage ceremony she has, be it in a church, in a park, at home, in a fancy hotel or atop a mountain even, the amount of planning that she does is limitless. Even the size of the ceremony, and the costs involved make no difference when it comes to the amount of thought that goes in to this day.
And no wonder. It is the most important day of her life, as she is dressed in her finest and starts on one of the most significant chapters in her life; as her beloveds’ wife.
There’ll be a theme. A theme that has probably been well thought out since the bride to be was a young girl. Around this theme, she will build everything, starting from the cake, to the table decor, to the flowers and of course, the invitation and thank you cards. Towards each and every item of the big day, there is a lot that is committed in the way of time and resources. Everything has got to be perfect.
After all, this is an event that will never happen again, as your nuptials are expected to be a once in a lifetime event.
Of all this, the one material thing that will transcend time, and last for decades and beyond after the sun has set upon your big day, is the pictures. The pictures captured by the professional wedding photographer that you hire for your big day will be tasked with the difficult duty of ensuring that he or she captures the very essence of the day, as well as the highlights of each aspect of the event, as well as each special moment that makes it all come together.
The wedding photographer must plan ahead and thus be prepared with the right kind of gear before he or she (or they!) arrive at the venue. He needs to be aware of the colours that you hope to wear, that the bridal retinue will be dressed in, as well as the colours of the flowers and decor that you have planned for, because colours determine the type of lenses and filters that he must be ready with.
These and many other factors need to be considered beforehand in ensuring that your perfect day is documented with the perfect set of pictures. No detail is too trivial, and the right cameraman will ensure that yours is a day that can be lived and relived over and over again through a fabulous set of pictures.